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Greetings traveler!

You have stumbled upon the Motometro Library Archives, located on the Striding City that roams the world of Lume.

The assemblage contained herein endeavours to enlighten the curious about this uncharted world; its history, cultures, and multifarious inhabitants.

Entries are accompanied - where possible - by field sketches or rendered illustrations, to assist in illuminating the subject to the reader. These stories take many forms, from archival to narrative, and everything in between, spanning the many cycles.

Lume is wondrous and untamed. As such, this cyclopedia will be expanded and amended as more information is uncovered from field research, or dug out of the cavernous vaults that serve as our depository. It's quite spooky down there, I assure you.

There is no order to this bibliotheca; simply commence reading and Lume will unravel itself in Time.

Should this opening entry not entice you to read on, then I wish you good fortune on your travels. May your feet ever wander off the beaten track.

- Hugo, aspirant Wordsmith of Motometro

Card presented to Library patrons. Asterix Jones , the first recorded member and loyal canine companion, still has several titles overdue.